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The Human Zoo Series







There are four gates. The first entrance, marked A, is the main entrance. Then the other three gates are labeled gate C, Caucasian Sector, Gate D, Mongoloid Sector, and Gate E, Negroid Sector. In the center is the letter B labeling a giant tower that holds recreational activities, restaurants, additional entertainment and more.

"I just finished the story and thought it was amazing.  I love the whole idea of this dystopia."

-Isabelle Clark

"I read your story and loved it! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten so intrigued and involved in a work, so it was really awesome to find yours!"

-Amanda Albright

I just read Caged, and I think it's fantastic. It seems so Orwellian to me.  I was so curious about the present tense because it's not usually done.  But with your voice as a writer, it works well.  Your writing is beautiful.


-R. James




"Tragically beautiful."

       -Ashely Miller

The Human Zoo is quite literally one of my favorite books. It is very well written, the characters are even better, and the plot is amazing!! I enjoyed it so much, it gets you hooked! I would definitely recommend this book to everyone I know.

-Allison Bradham

This is actually one of the few Wattpad books that are good. This should be published on paper. Keep writing, my friend.


K. J. Rocazella

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