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Who is Priya? The Human Zoo

The hardest part about marketing a book is marketing a book. It's not my strong suit, and that's being nice. However, it's apart of the 'job,' and I'm always going to try my best. I thought it would be fun to post descriptions of the main characters written by the main characters themselves. I'll be posting one for each main character in the form of a journal entry almost. It won't be about anything specific; maybe it'll be as simple as the type of day they are having, a memory, a moment, but I feel connecting to the characters in a book is perhaps the most essential part of a book.

There will be no photos posted because I want you to develop your opinion of what the characters look like in your mind.

This first entry is going to be written by Priya. Please let me know your thoughts below!


When I was asked to write about myself, I immediately said no. I've lived in this cage my entire life, this zoo is my home, and it didn't make sense to me someone like you would care. But Ben convinced me to share. Ben is my best friend, and he's constantly reminding me that I need to open up and communicate with others. He's like the dad I never wanted. This is funny; I guess, since I don't even have parents.

Besides, I talk to Kara. Beautiful, voluptuous Kara. It took me a while to come around to her. Jealously is such a nasty creature formed out of self-preservation due to a lack of self-worth. I sound so snobby; blame all the books I've read. The fictitious books I lose myself in are better than my reality. Why wouldn't I want to reside there? Away from the prying eyes them. The viewers we call them. They stand above us with all of their cleanliness, full bellies, and nasty words. We can barely get fresh clothes and clean water. What does that matter, though, as long as we entertain, right? Fight, fuck, and strive to be better. It's the boredom that is the worst. The endless sucking at your soul this bottomless pit does. Of course, they call us animals. What else do you become when your humanity doesn't even have an outlet to do good? What else are you supposed to do when you are bound except fight to get free?

So many answered questions with no salvation on the site. I'm rambling now. Ben just told me. I looked at him and stuck my tongue out. He's beautiful, my Ben, with his bouncy curly hair, darkened skin, and eyes. We all look alike down here. We're placed with our type. The only difference that marks me is my eyes. Ben says they look like the sun is melting. But I'm not Kara. Ben and Kara, such an unsuspecting match. Ben just nudged me again. Stop rambling; it's my turn, he said to me with a whine. He's such a pest sometimes. I love him, though.

He's not wrong, and I am rambling. I guess the only question left to ask is, what do you even know about me? Did I say enough to convince you to help me out?


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