The proverbial car of writing

January 23, 2017

So recently my car needed some work and by "some work" I mean my entire savings worth of work.  After some much needed TLC, big booty Judy, or Jessica during the day, is now safe to drive again. Yay!  


Anyways, while sitting in the waiting room for what felt like forever but in reality was more like an hour I compared creating a car to writing a novel.  Agree or not, they are very similar.  Actually, I used to work for Toyota and I learned a lot about the process of making a car.  It all starts with the design just like a book starts with an idea.


Then the car is drawn up and a book is written.  By the way, I know I'm making this sound simple ... it's not.  After a initial design or rough draft is finished, then it goes through the editing phase.  In the automobile world this can include: color choices, texture styles, interior design, exterior design, safety measures, quality testing, etc.  When writing a book this phase can include: rewriting, editing, proofreading, rewriting again, query letter writing, aesthetically pleasing changes, crumpling up the entire thing because of self-doubt and so on.   Either way, there seems to be a process that life itself follows.


I know that is a broad assumption but, think about it.  I know I have.


Thank you for reading this post. I know it's short, extremely random, and pointless but this is a part of my promise to bring the thoughts from my head to the screen in front of you.








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