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February 17, 2017

I don't want to lump everyone together but I'm going to anyways.  So, today I submitted 14 (imagine that underlined, in bold, surrounded by fireworks and dripping gold) query letters.  Some even had sample chapters included in the body of the email.  I FELT LIKE I WAS RUNNING FULL SPEED INTO A BRICK WALL.  MY NERVES WERE SCREAMING WITH ANXIETY.  

But, even with that non visible display of emotions none of that would have been possible with out the support of my amazing friend, Madeline Sweeney. No it's not maddy, maddie or Madison, it's Madeline (<--she'll  understand the purpose of that wayward sentence). 

ANYWAYS, I was suffering from a minor anxiety attack when I was about to send out all these letters.  I thought I was going to fail 14 x. We all have doubts and reservations about certain endeavors we wish to take, it's normal and should be embraced.  The key is to not let it drag you down.  This is where Maddy comes in.  

Our text conversation goes as follows:

Me:   Can you give me a pep talk?  I'm nervous about sending my letter out.

[*I know that doesn't seem like impending death but it sure felt like it]

Maddy: Okay so here’s the thing.. every great author, athlete, illustrator, inventor and all others in between started out as somebody who was a nobody to the world. they took leaps of faith, they failed over and over and over and over again, but they did not quit. They were frustrated and scared, like you, but they knew that they had something great to give to the world and so they worked their asses off to make things happen. So miss Kasey.. welcome to the bottom of the totem pole. From here on out you either stay where you are, which happens, or you make your way up the various levels. But the beautiful amazing thing is…you can’t go backwards anymore. you’ve written your book. you’ve written this letter. you’ve made your decision to share it. so you’re stagnant, it’s set in stone at this place. You will not fall behind. You’ll move forward. All it takes is the click of some buttons and then pressing send. You’ve GOT THIS!

Me: You should do this for a living haha

Guys she saved me from waiting any longer.  Get yourself a hype person now!! Haha but seriously Maddy thank you so much for being a creative crutch today.


Guys, appreciate everyone in your life.  They are the ones who will help you succeed.   


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