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April 27, 2017

I've had A LOT on my mind lately. Mainly, it circulates between metaphysical ideas and pizza for whatever reason.  I think pizza makes its way in there to keep me sane because when one embarks on the journey of trying to understand everything, their mind tends to bog itself down.  Currently, (for anyone who has read this far), I'm reading Valis by Phillip K. Dick.  Boy is he an amazing author.  His ideas are creative, deep, and hella confusing.  Reading Valis has made me think more than I did in my entire high school career (to some, this may not mean much). I'm contemplating consciousness, reality, dreams, dimensions, planes, math, the reasons behind suicide,  sentience, emotions, and more philosophical ideas.  It's exhilarating.


Anyways, I recommend that everyone attempt to read at least one book written by Phillip K Dick.  To not try to expand on one's view of the world is a waste of our abilities to think as humans, in my opinion at least. 


As for my life, well, it is currently boring.  I'm still trying to get published and even more so, trying to remain mentally fit.  Sitting at a desk all day is as unappealing as it sounds.  I miss my old job where I was outside surrounded by furry animals that can only bark.  I was happiest there.  One day I'll go back.   In the mean time, I work all day and then come home to write in a myriad of journals and add to my new endeavor, Albedo.  There will be a blog post coming about it soon.  As a side note, I'd really like comments on some of these blog post.  Currently, I think you can only comment if you have Facebook.  For those who don't have that platform, feel free to chat with me or send me a message in the contact link.  I'll be more than happy to respond. 


What does everything think of a blog post or maybe even a separate page, that houses open ended questions?  You know, one where I write about something and then ask your thoughts and opinions?  Would that be something worth while?  Or would you rather read my rambling thoughts from the comfort of whatever device you use knowing no effort must be done on your part? (Trust me, sometimes being what my friend calls a "lurker" has its perks.)  Just let me know!  I'd really like to have an area where questions can be asked and discusses even if it's why apple fritters are better than glazed doughnuts.  No holds barrier on all topics. 


     Until then, live long and prosper.

                                                                           January Lovely




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