July 21, 2017

It's Friday, approximately 10:44 am and I'm sitting in an airport. Hundreds of people are around me all going to the same destination, Charleston, SC.
My best friend, Heather is directly beside me. We're watching and discussing the lives of those around us.

She brings up a quote from a book we read once at another one of our friends (Samantha, who is amazing by the way) book club meetings, Walk Two Moons. It goes as follows: "every man has his own agenda."

Heather turns to me and tells me that this quote has stuck with her because of the meaning behind it. People, including herself, forget that everyone has their own agenda for different reasons. Everyone has a story to tell. We as society, tend to forget this.

That girl who cut you off on the highway actually might be heading to the ER because her dad got into an accident. Or that guy who ignored you when you said hi might be battling his own inner demons. Regardless, everyone has their own shit, their own story and their own path.

It's up to us to remember that and empathize with those around us. Too often we let selfishness blind our humanity. This includes myself.

So I ask you on this Friday morning to think about this quote. To truly stop and wonder what the person beside you has gone through. Instead of getting frustrated say hi. Get to know them. We're losing the art of communication rapidly. I'm reminding myself to do this as a baby starts to cry right behind me now.   




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