July 28, 2017

Writing a blog post is hard (that's what she said).  You're forced to come up with an idea that is entertaining and meaningful all while trying to keep it to the original objective.  This is why I don't post every day. I don't want to post a blog for the sake of it.  It should mean something to you and me (cue awe).  So, I don't settle.


If you think about it, settling is a peculiar word.  By definition it means: adopt a more steady or secure style of life or resolve or reach an agreement.  Now a days though, it's more of a slang term with a negative connotation, at least to me.  SO! What does it mean?  Well, it means that you as a person have become overly content with a given situation. Whether you don't believe you can do better or you won't do better (DISCLAIMER: that is my definition of settling).


Anyways here are some examples of settling: You can settle for a significant other.  You can settle for not improving yourself.  Hell, you can even settle for pizza as dinner even though you REALLY wanted that glorious Chinese delivery.  Regardless, to settle is to not choose the best option for yourself.  Well, you're in luck, I'm here to try to persuade you to NEVER to settle. 


Okay, so there's a fine line between being ambition and being unrealistic.  Just like there is a fine line between being passive aggressive and sarcastic.  Anyways, you need to find the invisible border between the two to avoid settling.  Should be easy to locate something that doesn't exist in a tangible form right? WRONG.  It's not easy. But, it's not impossible either.  Well, I guess it could be impossible ...


Moving on, let's finally get to the point, the reason I've brought up settling.  Some lovely people have asked me recently, "Kasey, why are you still not published?" First off, thank you SO much for being concerned.  It's so nice to not have any judgement from you what so ever.  Secondly, stfu.  Sorry. 


Look, I'm not published because I'm refusing to settle.  Yes, I receive many rejections.  This alone though is a good thing.  A lot of publishing companies don't even take the time to respond.  I've also received a few offers in which I'VE turned down.  It has to be the right fit.  I won't accept any all offers just because it's an offer.  There needs to be a deliberation in which I really think, "am I settling?"


UGH. What a long blog full of rambling thoughts.  Oh well.  Thank you all for reading and I'm sorry this wasn't the most "entertaining" of post.  I've added some memes below as a thank you. 



                                        - January Lovely




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