August 17, 2017

There is a theme in my blog posts.  Typically, they are light, grammatically simple and mundane.  I'd thought today that I'd share a different piece of writing with you. 


I have another secret blog that literally one, maybe two, people know about.  It's not a habit for me to talk about it and I most certainly NEVER share anything from it with the outside world.  This blog is where I tend to post those thoughts in your head you are too afraid to say out loud—let alone to another human.  Sometimes, you just need an outlet void of judgement.


The below piece of work comes from said blog.  No, it's not one of those examples of things I don't want to share with the world.  If you thought I'd actually share that with the world, you're crazy (I say that with love).  It's simply my opinion on a certain emotion.  If you read it and find it interesting, let me know.  Maybe I'll start posting more content like it.  Or maybe I'll become brave enough to post the deeper thoughts in my head.  Until then, enjoy.


                                                                         - January



Fear is such an inconceivable emotion that sometimes it surprises me at all that it's real, let alone tangible. It’s naturally organic, so it has the ability to change as its surroundings change.  This is why everyone has their own fears. Fear is well versed in camouflage and spontaneity. It's subjective to the point of insanity and yet universally understood. So why is it that fear is dealt the second hand in this world?


Fear helps us stay alive. It reminds us, warns us, and protects us from things we can and cannot see. Still, it’s misunderstood and abused.  Why? Our greatest moments happen out of fear and so do our worst. As humans it is our job to remember that what makes up human is our ability to recognize and appreciate emotions such as fear.  The minute we toss fear aside, what do we have to life for except the hope that we remain humane enough to know what is right and wrong.




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