When the Past is The Future

August 28, 2017

"When the Past Is the Future"

An article by Jax Cooper

A letter to the people of the world


To all the people of the world and to all that I am:


I'm writing to you today to share a humbling truth. The truth always has a story to tell; it has many beginnings and innumerable endings. For years, we've lived in a world full of wonder and peace. A world full of blossoming hope and exceptional achievement. We are impregnated with superior genes. We're more intelligent, more beautiful, and more physically inclined than ever. The differences are harshly extreme between what we were and who we are today. But, are these metamorphoses as diverse as we think?


As a society, we're under the impression that the animals in the Zoo are savages; that they are vile creatures that don't deserve the title of "ancestors." We publicly shame them in cages to remind ourselves of what we do not wish to be. This shame itself is a humiliation. We sterilize them and torture them so we may continue to thrive on their destruction. This is an abuse of power.


My question for you, for me, for us as a people is this; why do we allow ourselves to suffer from the false notions that they are any less human than we are?


The truth is, they are our ancestors. We would have never have had this life, this chance, this freedom—our improved genetics—if it wasn't for Dr. Emerson who, let's not forget, was an Original. Let's not overlook that we fought the Originals. We brutally murdered them for sport and stripped them of all their rights. We continue to do that today. We took away their fundamental human rights and tossed them into cages for what—entertainment? We feed them, clothe them, and take care of them, and yet we laugh at them for being alive. How does this make us any different from these people we call animals? How can we be so blind, so consciously oblivious to the truth, to history?


All I see are a bunch of cowards living in the shadows of other people's strengths. For the past month, I've had the honor to live among these so-called savages. I shared bread with them. I shared sweat and tears with them. I became so entirely immersed in their world, I forgot that another one existed outside it. It was invigorating and refreshing. It was raw, enlightening, and, most of all, humbling. The experiences given to me in the Zoo have indefinitely altered me.


It's true that some of them are savages. Painting a picture of pure perfection would be naive. There were a few real beasts, people who aren't worth the chances provided to them, but there will always be a bad apple in every bushel. Genetics only has so much power. It's both impossible and morally wrong to seek out and destroy every bad gene. Jealousy, madness, and betrayal, these things can never cease to exist, so how far should we go? Should we blur the line of humanity? Should we continue to reach for the impossible to feel better about who we are as a people? Can we can even still be called people?


Humanity doesn't have a singular set of "good" genes. That's evident in our world. We can't leave out our accounts of murder, hypocrisy, and brutality. Our genetics still fail us today.


Humanity is feeling the love from a shared moment of happiness. Humanity is seeing two starving children and feeding them because you have the capability to be empathetic toward their situation. Humanity is seeing someone fall in the street and lifting them up because they are an equal. Humanity is making mistakes, understanding those mistakes and trying to do better next time. Humanity is living at its very foundation.


We shouldn't be locking these people in cages for fun. We should be learning from them. There is more to gain from shared knowledge than there is from segregated breeding. The individuals in the Zoo have tangible freedom—the freedom to be who they want to be, to act how they want to act, to make mistakes and to live with them proudly. They don't have to hide behind manners and societal standards.


We, the people of Eugenics, are blind.


Misconstrued ideals and ethics prevent us from seeing all that we've lost. We haven't become stronger; we've grown weaker.


Our reality has been warped by an accepted cultural hatred because we're scared to be anything less than perfect. How are we supposed to decipher the reality, what is the truth and what is the fiction that seems real through warped images?


The answers lie in the fiction.


If we look hard enough, we'll be able to admit our faults and start fresh with new hearts and minds in the world we worked so hard to build.


We share the same blood. Our differences lie in the shadows of our minds. I leave you with these final questions. Who are we to decide the fate of others when we can't even decide our own? We say we are free from the monstrosity of our ancestors' past. Is anything truly free? There's always a cost. So, I ask you this, what is the cost? What is the cost of losing our humanity? Are we more worried about who we want to be? Or should we be more focused on who we want to become?


I plead with you, please don't disregard the sobering truth that we've lost our way on this path to perfection.


Don't let the Era of Eugenics become the Error of Eugenics.


Jax Cooper



Some of you that read the above were probably extremely confused.  Others may find truth in the words that apply to today's world and how we view one another.  Regardless, the above excerpt is from my novel Caged - The Human Zoo.  Now the entire book isn't written like this, I swear.  This is merely an article that the main character Jax writes in Priya's defense.  This segment technically can only be read at the end of the book but I love it so much I'm sharing it with you now.  I do hope you enjoyed it.  Maybe if you read Caged it'll make more sense.


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