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August 30, 2017


This post was originally supposed to be about "those" days. You know the ones where literally NOTHING goes right and you wonder how it keeps getting worse. BUT, since I've received three rounds of good news in the past week. I thought hey, let's try to think positive.  For those of you who know me personally, LOL, we'll see how long this mindset lasts for me.


Anyways.  This post will be short and sweet.  You're going to have shitty days.  Actually, you're going to have lots of them.  That unfortunately is just how life works.  However, it is up to you on how to handle said events.


For instance, my Uber driver to the airport today told me two stories about their life.


The first was about how they were a pharmacist in their previous country.  When they arrived to America, they were told they had to start completely over in school, from scratch.  This person was like okay sure.  Well they had to balance going back to school, studying, paying for school/life expenses, support their family, work shitty jobs and pass an absurd amount of English tests all at once.  I'll let you guess what took priority and what didn't.  


The second story they told me about was regarding their recent visit back to their native country.  It was horrendous.  There is no direct flight to said country so they had to go to New York. New York cancelled their flight due to a storm and shipped them to Chicago.  Chicago's flight was delayed so they missed the connecting flight to said homeland by 10 minutes. This person was forced to stay in Chicago for two whole days before getting another flight.  When they arrived in their home country, they had no luggage.  They then had to buy new clothes for their entire family. That's five people total.  On their return visit they were stopped because their name was similar to someone's on a watch list.  The airline wouldn't refund them their tickets because they said it was the airports fault they couldn't get on.  Did I mention this person was traveling with their entire family including their kids?  Anyways, after more days of waiting they confirmed in fact this person was safe to travel.  After $3k and 27 whole hours, they finally arrived back in Ohio. I can tell you this country is not that far away.


Of course this amazingly smart and kind Uber driver told me these stories on a day that is going less than perfect for me.  I'm grateful to said driver because it reminded me of a life philosophy I'm trying to follow.


It's okay to acknowledge, complain and accept a bad situation.  It's alright to allow yourself to feel the negative emotions associated with it. However, do not dwell on it. Remember, someone always has it worse.  This worse situations don't invalidate yours, but, it should help with dealing with the situation more appropriately.


Alright, well.  There is my actually not short post full of a rambling monologue that literally pertains to nothing relevant at all.


 Have a great day!


                                                    - January Lovely

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