Sing a 'Lil Tune

October 31, 2017

Today is Halloween and typically people tend to write spooky articles.  Spoiler alert, that's not what this post is going to contain.  It's going to be about music.




Have you ever heard a song that connected with you on an emotional level? I have.  Actually, it's usually the only way that I can resonate with a piece of music.  On my personal Spotify account, there are many playlists I've made dedicated to certain emotions that specific songs make me feel.


A few of my friends actually create playlist based off of the seasons or years.  I truly admire this because it's almost like an ode to looking back on where you were in your life.  What music you listened to can tell what you were dealing with personally.


This concept got me thinking about song meanings.  Behind every song, whether good or bad, there is a writer(s).  Each writer is calling to a certain moment for inspiration.  After the song is created a melody is made, a bridge is added and a chorus is repeated.  At the end, there is a song.  That easy right? Just kidding.


My point is, each song and it's lyrics have a certain story to tell and meaning behind them. Yet, each of us apply our own reason and this is why I love music.  It's a constantly changing organism with definitive lines. There aren't many things like that in the world. 


A few weeks ago I was having a discussion with my best friend about the song "Restless" by Cold War Kids.  How I interpreted it was completely different from how they interpreted it.  But that is the best part about it. One persons song can explain another s story. And this is why I love music.  It allows people to share experiences through rhythm and words.  And that is something that allows people to understand and connect with one another.


So, that's it. If you can find someone that you vibe with when it comes to music, I think you've found a keeper because there is nothing like listening to a song with someone and the whole world disappearing.

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