Gratitude, Appreciation, and Friendship, these are a few of my favorite things.

December 20, 2017

Hello everyone, I greet you on this beautiful Wednesday from the bathroom where I work.  Currently, I'm typing this post with literal tears in my eyes.  This morning while sitting at my desk, I was presented with the most touching gift I have ever received.  A framed painting from Paris, France.



My two good friends Sam and Dylan recently traveled to Europe.  Before leaving, they asked if I would watch their pretty kitty cat, Momo and their fish.  Me, an avid cat lover and house sitting expert, of course said yes.  Being at their house and watching Momo was ridiculously easy.  For those of you who don't know much about cats, they are pretty independent.  In fact, I'm positive Momo was taking care of me rather than me him.  The point is, doing this small act for them was not worthy of such a beautiful gift.  But they did it anyways because they are wonderful human beings.  Now, here I am overwhelmed with emotion. 



You know that feeling you get before you're about to have your first kiss?  The overwhelming one where your palms are sweaty, your stomach is tossing and turning with butterflies and your chest clenches with anticipation? That's how I feel right now, utterly overwhelmed but strictly in a positive way.  Oh, and add in the fact that my heart is squeezing so tight that I'm afraid it might pop out of my chest to hug each of them. 


Now to get around to my two main points:


1. Friendship: Honestly, I have the most incredible friends.  Everyday I question what I did to deserve such amazing people in my life.  Each one of them are unique, immensely kind and always readily available when I absolutely need them. A piece of unsolicited advice, if you don't have a solid group of friends, go out and find them.  Even if they aren't in the same state as you (which some of mine aren't).  Friendship is an absolute must to have a happy life I've learned over these past few months.  Seriously, my friends are one of the most important things in my life.


2. Gratitude.  Guys, we HAVE to show gratitude in our lives, every damn day.  I don't care if someone holds a door for you, brings you a cookie or switches shifts with you are work, make sure you tell them or show them how much it means to you.  No matter how awkward you may feel.  From personal experience, I've learned that showing gratitude is a must to maintain any relationship.  I'll be 100% transparent though, it's a trait that I've struggled with all my life and it has negatively affected relationships for me.  Showing that I truly appreciate something has always been hard for me because I feel uncomfortable or annoying.  I've had to work hard to step out of that confinement and into the world of appreciation. Let me tell you though, if you've never done it. Try it.  It's been worth every damn moment.


In the future, I'm going to do a full blog post about the title of this one "Gratitude, Appreciation, Friendship," but for now, I'd like to leave this one to Sam and Dylan.  Two incredible human beings that bring joy, acceptance and life to my life.  Thank you both for being my friends through the mundane and the extraordinary.  I love you.





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