January 24, 2018


Hello all,


My apologies for not blogging in over a month. I know ALL of you were devastated and actively checking every damn day for an update ; ) (<---clearly I find myself hilarious).  For real though, I hate blogging and am not sure why I do it, but here we are regardless. Also, someone should definitely buy me the above bike. KIDDING. Okay not really, but I can get it myself.


Anyways, I wanted to talk about happiness in today's post.  What it means, what it is, the feelings associated with it and all that stuff that gives you the "feels."  However, this will be more of what happiness means to me since happiness is subjective and creating definitive lines around it feels like a disservice to it.  For some reason I feel that is the most important part of this post, that happiness is a universal feeling yet it is unique to each individual person.


So, let's dive in shall we? What is happiness?  What makes it so desired? What does it feel like? Why is it truly important?  Honestly, no answer will ever be enough to suffice the deeper meaning behind these questions, let's be real. But that is the fun part about discussing philosophical questions. It's a journey with no end in sight until you give it one. Even then, it can flip on a whim.


1. What is happiness?

Happiness to me is something that I have struggled with for my whole short existence.  In reality it's kind of hard to be happy because you have so many obstacles in your way such as: jealously, lack of objectivity, expectations, hardship, finances.  Here's what I've learned though, it is a mindset, like most things, and it falls onto a spectrum.


Warning, short tangent.  So, I actually have a bone to pick with people who strive to be perpetually happy and never want to be "sad." Or those people who look down on others who aren't as happy as them. Like umm okay first off, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being sad, or angry, or anxious or pessimistic.  You can't be happy ALL the time. One, its exhausting and two, it's just not realistic.  So for all y'all in the past who have berated me for being sad, go $&#% yourself. I say that with happiness. = )




Okay back to the point, happiness is a spectrum.  You fall on it and you move up and down depending on both internal and external factors.  Over the past few months, I have been able to find a more regular state of happiness and it is strange for me as a person. For those who know me closely, this is weird considering the adoration I feel for morbidity, darkness and sadness. However! I'm glad I've taught myself to find a good balance. I'll tell you my secret, people; and not just people, friends.  This includes ridding yourself of toxic relationships as well.


The people you surround yourself with is to me the only true way to find happiness AND the only way to keep it in a constant healthy state even if terrible things happen.  My inner friend circle which started as "The Triangle," has grown over the last 5 years and exponentially increased over the last I don't know, 5 months? Truly, it is remarkable. 


2. What does it feel like?


Actually, you know that feeling you get right before you're about to have your first kiss? Or an airplane takes off? Or the pizza delivery guy has shown up at your door? You know, THAT feeling where your heart starts to beat fast until it's thrumming against your chest and you can hear it ringing in your ears?  Then maybe your palms start to sweat (for those who read this I hope you too thought of the lyrics to 8-mile) and your stomach starts to churn with a weird anticipation even though nothing is actually happening? Or potentially your body might start to buzz and get all tingly and a smile spreads out across your face because you're not sure why you're feeling like this but it's all consuming and you just know it's a good thing (also I'm aware this description is similar to anxiety haha but there are subtle differences)?  Anyways, that's how I feel EVERY time I talk about my friends.  I just have so much love for them and they make me incredibly happy.


3. Why do humans crave it?

I'm nervous to answer this because again, I don't want to create "lines" hindering any potential personal assimilation (did I use that word right?) to the word. However, I also feel like the answer is simple.  Happiness is a derivative to love, friendship, support, understanding, compassion, hope, etc.  These emotions along with a plethora of others are what give life meaning. And having a meaning to your life is what makes waking up and pushing through hardship worth it.  Also, yes, I preach accepting, loving and acknowledging the less appealing of emotions, but let's be real, feeling happy is addicting. It's an incredible feeling.


Okay, so right now in my brain I have one thought in my head, "Kasey you are rambling per usual and this blog is now becoming a hindrance to read so stop typing and just abruptly end this for us all please."


So that's what we're going to do, abruptly stop. Much like how happiness can suddenly vanish in the blink of an eye! Ah, there is my dark side. Phew, I was slightly worried it wouldn't show up today.


Seriously though, happiness is achievable. Just make sure you know what you're looking for first so finding it doesn't seem impossible.

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