A Simple Yet Profound Thought

August 21, 2018


Call it the nature of an Aquarius, the tired mind of a wannabe philosopher or the free time of an adult that has nothing better to do, but if you know me, the real me, you know that I am an analyzer, an observer and most importantly, a curiosity enthusiast.  This blog post is a minuscule glimpse inside my head.

My mind has not ceased moving since birth, and I don't think it'll ever slow.   Lately, I find myself wondering how others view me.  This thought isn't due to an infatuation with perception; instead, it's the want to understand how the mind of others works.  We all know how our personal conscious work, a tautology if you will, but we can't, don't or won't always understand how another's mind works unless we're allowed figuratively, inside.

Recently, I've learned that people, whether influenced by an outside source—this can include social media, people, reading, etic.—or not, tend not to take the time to discover the whole truth.  

One emotional fueled piece of poetry shared inspires a whirlwind of speculation.  
Is she depressed?  Perhaps her boyfriend broke up with her? That wouldn't surprise me.  Did someone die?  Why is she so cynical?
 A person can find the beauty of darkness and not be affected by it.  Someone can post a sad poem that they wrote and be entirely happy and vice versa.

One misquoted comment defines the integrity of another, creating slues of false identities for said victim.  
So, I heard that what's her name said this, can you believe that?  You think she's nice? Well, one time she snapped at me like a bitch for no reason. Take my word for it, don't be friends with her.  Did you hear the tone she used!?

One acute observation during a less than shining moment can change the entire perception one has of you.  
Yeah, she has a lot of guy friends. There is no way she's not sleeping with half of them. Have you seen the way she flirts with them?  What a slut.

The above are merely examples, but, they are real nonetheless.  We each have been a part of or engaged in gossip; seldom it's harmless and usually detrimental.  Other times, we make mistakes and let our opinions influence the effectiveness of other's words, whether real or fake, just out of laziness or the inability to see through the fog. Both of which we can change.

No matter the reasoning for it, I find it cumbersome, gossip, and not worth the reward.  If it can even be called that, worthwhile.  So I challenge each of you who reads this to change your train of thought ingrained by society, and those closet to you.  

Perhaps, moving forward, instead of acute superficial observations, we strive for the longevity of humanity through reading and self-reflection.  How sad it would be if we were all judged by the eye of a stranger who claims to be close to you.  Because sometimes even a friend can change their mask right in front of you. And there are few things worse than having someone you let in, take the worst parts of you, and exploit them due to misplaced opinions and feelings.

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