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February 21, 2019



For those of you who know me, writing has become a big part of my life over the past few years. Under my belt is a novel, many pointless blog posts—I detest blogs—and potentially a freelance writing position.  I've dabbled in poetry and biographies too.  Even with some experience, there is nothing I hold to a higher standard than my writing, and yet then I fail, often and frequently.  But, I reflect, acknowledge my errors, and do better.  That's why my goal is to keep going, even if it's repetitive because I adore the freedom of it.  I crave the peaks and troughs of the experience.  Why?

Well, nothing pleases me more than a challenge, and writing is the biggest challenge I have faced thus far.  It is a lot like running, leaving you exhausted, weirdly hurt, and questioning, why did I even do this in the first place? 

But, I promise you, keep going. A writer high is a feeling that words can't describe.  It's full of pride, sweat, mistakes, and tears, but most importantly, endless growth. 

I do have one request though, one little plea for those of you who write AND decide to make it public. Edit, edit the living shit out of your work.  

Try to avoid spelling errors, and run on sentences.  Focus on concise language, and find a flow that tells a story.  Don't start with an end, and don't end with prepositions.  Avoid a body that competes with a black hole—utterly pointless.  Please for the love of all that is decent, make sure the piece has a central point. As people, we tend to talk in circles, which is fine, because language is organic and fluctuates a lot like life.  But if you're going to put yourself out into the world, do it with bravado and grace, not belligerent ignorance.   


Of course, errors will happen, and thoughts will be misunderstood, missaid, and taken out of proportion.  But you'll never learn, and grow if you don't try. 

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